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Planning Your Own Funeral

Colonial Funeral Home offers a wide range of preplanning options, including prefunded insurance funeral plans. We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions to better assist you in making an informed decision. We welcome your additional questions to help guide you in making the best decisions possible for you and your family.

Pre-planning is a smart decision for everyone regardless of age. We have seen the impact it has made in assisting families better cope with their loss. We have found that the unexpected can and does happen. It is never too early to start the pre-planning process.

By working with a licensed funeral director, you will learn about the many options and services we offer. Decisions are best made with complete information; the more you know, the more confident you will be in making these important decisions. We want to make this experience as easy and comfortable for you as possible.

We are happy to explain the many flexible options available to you, including the encouragement to review your plan at least every five years. You have the ability to change your plan at any time.

We know from experience that your family will appreciate a frank and honest discussion about the decisions you have made. We, at Colonial Funeral Home, encourage you to share this information with your family. Upon request, we are happy to provide copies of your arrangements with designated family members for their records and safekeeping.

Absolutely. We have anticipated the reality of change and know that it’s common for people to relocate. All of our funeral plans are fully transferable.

Life insurance is needed to take care of medical costs and the daily living expenses of those left behind. A prefunded insurance plan is different because it is designed to guarantee the funeral home’s costs at today’s prices. Third party expenses such as: obituary notices, flowers, church/cemetery fees, death certificates, and sales tax are also set aside but not guaranteed.

Funeral Life Insurance is one way to pre-pay the costs of a funeral.  In this pre-payment option you select all the services and merchandise you desire and pay the costs of your selections at that time.  Those funds paid to the funeral home are put into a Life Insurance policy.  The Life Insurance policy assigns the benefits of the coverage of the policy to the funeral home.  Upon the death of the insured, the funeral home provides the services and merchandise in the contract and the funeral home collects the death benefits from the life insurance policy.

The Funeral Life Insurance sold by Colonial Funeral Home guarantees the costs of the service and merchandise sold by the funeral home itself that are specified in the contract.  It does not guarantee the costs associated with ‘Cash Advance’ items which are services and merchandise sold by other vendors, such as newspaper obituary, costs to open and close a grave, certified death certificates, etc.

Colonial Funeral Home has a State of Illinois licensed Life Insurance Producer on staff to issue life insurance policies.  We offer life insurance from PekinTM Insurance as well as Great Western Insurance.

Pekin Life Insurance for Pre-Planning Your Funeral
Great Western Life Insurance for Pre-Planning Your Funeral

Both Companies offer variety of payment options.

For more information on Funeral Life Insurance, please contact Maggie at Colonial Funeral Home.

Yes, you may prearrange funeral services and merchandise at any time, however, today’s prices are only guaranteed through a prefunded insurance policy. Your information will be kept on file and made readily available upon request.

Unfortunately, veterans’ benefits have been drastically reduced over the years. Veterans do receive many burial benefits including military honors, a flag, and marker or monument to mark the grave. A burial space and grave liner are provided when the burial takes place in a national VA cemetery. There are also burial options for a spouse or child. Other monetary benefits may be available and determined on a case-by-case basis. Our Funeral Directors are experienced with all aspects of veterans’ benefits and will be happy to review this information with you in relation to your particular circumstances. State veterans’ cemetery benefits vary depending on military involvement. Please contact us for current benefits.

Funeral costs are determined by many personal choices, such as the type of service, choice of casket, etc. Our funeral directors are happy to provide you with a General Price List and discuss this question in greater detail.

We hope the answers to these questions are helpful, but realize that you may have others we have not addressed. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail with your questions. We will be happy to discuss your specific concerns.

With prearranged, funded plans, your loved ones will be relieved of many decisions and concerns during a time of extreme stress. Your expressed wishes will be followed and the funeral will not be a financial strain on your family.

For more information, please contact Maggie at Colonial Funeral Home.

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