Colonial Funeral Home & Crematory

591 Ridgeview Drive
McHenry, Illinois


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In February of 1882, Nick J. Justen founded the N.J. Justen Furniture and Undertaking firm on Main Street in West McHenry.  It was one of the first undertaking establishments in McHenry County.  After operating the business by himself for a year he took in his younger brother, Jacob.  A partnership was formed a year later and the business became know as Justen Brothers Furniture & Undertaking.  The partnership lasted 12 years.  When it was dissolved, Nick Justen remained on Main Street (which later became Colonial Funeral Home) while Jacob Justen located at the corner of Green and Elm Street (which later became Justen Funeral Home).

N.J Justen Furniture & Undertaking - Main Street

Justen Bros. Furniture & Undertaking - Main Street

In 1915 Peter M. Justen joined his father in the funeral business.  In 1939 he erected the Peter M. Justen Funeral Home at 3807 W. Elm Street in McHenry and the business moved there from its previous Main Street location.  It was the first structure built in McHenry specifically to be a funeral home.

 Peter M. Justen Funeral Home - Elm Street

In 1948, Daniel A. Justen joined the family business with his father and the business became known as Peter M. Justen & Son Funeral Home.  Daniel took over the management and operations of the business in 1958. With the increase in the population of McHenry and its surrounding communities, a second chapel was added to the funeral home.

 Peter M. Justen & Son with addition - Elm Street


In January 1992, Daniel Justen sold the family business to a long time employee, Robert "Bob" Mrachek.  In order to meet the needs of a growing community and through the generosity of Mr. Justen a new funeral home was erected at 591 Ridgeview Drive in McHenry.  In September 2001 the new facility opened its doors to the public and became known as 'Colonial Funeral Home'.  We continue to operate at this location and in 2015 celebrate our 133rd anniversary.

An on-site crematory was constructed in 2013.  A viewing room is available for families who choose to view the cremation process.

Current Colonial Funeral Home - Ridgeview Drive